General Guidelines

General Guidelines – Kundalini Yoga

*Avoid eating a large meal two to three hours before class.

*Wear comfortable clothing. White clothing is the prefered choice to project and cleanse you aura.

*Bring a blanket to cover up during relaxation or to cover the spine, shoulders or entire body to avoid being chilled.

*Bring a water bottle and drink small amounts often during a class, especially if it is strenuous.

*It is best to do yoga with bare feet.

*Cultivate the habit of going a little beyond your limits, but not to the point of injury.

*Women should avoid strenuous exercise during the first three days of their period. They should also avoid a specific yoga breathing technique called Breath of Fire, as well as inverted postures such as Shoulder Stand. A gentle approach is best during your menstrual cycle and also during pregnancy. Pregnant woman, in particular, should avoid Breath of Fire and Shoulder Stand, and any exercise done on the stomach.