Meditate For World Peace in Amsterdam


“Peace is more than solving conflicts, it is a state of consciousness of the individual and of humanity.”

– Krishnaji

Ekam World Peace Festival

is our contribution towards creating a beautiful and harmonious world. It is a momentous time when thousands of people across the world will meditate together to bring about a massive shift in human consciousness.

Ekam World Peace Festival is from September 12-22 2019 in the sacred space Ekam in India.


Live connection on 22 September

On September 22, together with 7000 other Peace Points around the world, Ekam Peace Energy Point – Amsterdam will connect to the phenomenon of Ekam for a 21-minute meditative process for the World Peace. Ekam will amplify the immense peace energies generated by the multitudes of people meditating. A profound transformation in human collective consciousness will manifest as greater kindness, greater harmony and greater order in our world.

Ekam Peace Energy Point – Amsterdam

Time: 12:00 – 13:30 (Registration time start 11:30 am) 22 September 2019

Location:  Speuldestraat 56, 1107WZ, Amsterdam

Organizer: Grace Guo Email:  Tel (06)3937 7457

Practise Great Soul Sync Meditation

Before 12th September, we start to practise the Soul Sync meditation for the festival preparation.

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For more information about the Ekam Peace Festival, please click here.