Chinese New Year Trend

When Is Chinese New Year (CNY) of 2018? 中国新年是什么时候?

Spring festival 春节 16 Feb. 2018

Celebrating Chinese New Year 庆祝新年 Qing Zhu Xin Nian

CNY Preparations  过年前准备

Travel High peek 旅行高峰 How do you travel? Flight, Train, Bus, Car

Annual bonus 年终奖 important !!!

Clear debts or collect money

New clothing

Reunion dinner  年夜饭  Nian Ye Fan

CCTV gala 春节晚会,

Setting off fireworks(12点整)放烟火

红包 Red Envelop  (Use WeChat or not?)

Say Happy New Year in Chinese 

Xin nian hao 新年好!

Gōng xǐ fā cái 恭喜发财!May you be happy and prosperous

China’s ‘four great new inventions’ in modern times

-Shared bicycle, High-speed rail, Mobile payment, E-commerce

Zodiac  2018 狗 gou

-生肖 sheng xiao; Will be a lucky year for you? …

New year Song 新年歌 

Click here to listen what it sounds