Full Moon -APR.19

Libra keep in a flow of life

At the full moon you are naturally accelerated, and you
are naturally brought down during a new moon. Your
biofeedback moves from full moon to new moon, and
from new moon to full moon. That’s natural. But on the
eleventh day of the moon, you just live on water and
melon, your health will be perfect.

Yogi Bhajan, August 1, 1996

 The next full moon on Friday, April 19, is the bladder meridian. This meridian has more points than any other meridian so can affect many areas. Together the bladder and the kidneys relate to the second chakra, the water element. Key is to keep in a flow of life, meaning no resistance. Remember, over time, water can shape the earth. Fear causes us to tighten. If we tighten, we become cold and frozen. Follow these suggestions to help get in a flow using the power of this full moon energy.

 Imbalance or blockage symptoms:

• Fear, Timidity, frustration and tearfulness.

• Aching ankles and knee caps.

• Low back, neck or head pain.

• Nose bleed.

• Leg cramps & sciaDca.

• Bladder infection.

 Things to add to your diet:

• Drink lots of good water.

• Eat black foods.

• Eat melons.

• Fresh juice 2 parts spinach, 1 part carrot.

• Cranberry juice

• Horseradish

• Cucumber

 Things to avoid:

• Salt. It dries out the body.

• Excess emoDonal frustraDon.

• Coffee – even if black 🙁


• Hold and massage little finger of each hand for 2 minutes.

• Listen to calming music.

• Wear color black.

• Contract the muscles when urinating to strengthen. Do daily to prevent kidney stones.

 Yoga for the bladder:

(these are separate practices – not a set)

• All calming and quieDng meditaDons.

• Alternate nostril breathing, inhale Sat, exhale Nam. Breath deep. 10 min.

• Calming the mind meditation: left hand on heart center, right hand on right knee in gyan mudra. Through a rounded mouth, using a long and deep whistle breath on the inhale and exhale.

• Standing with hands in venus lock (fingers interlaced) on your head. Swing loosely side to side. Same position bending from waist inhale backward and exhale forward.

• Shoulder stand followed by plough pose.