Meditation to Remove Fear of the Future

This meditation clears the fear of the future which has been created by your subconsciousmemories of the past. It connects you to the flow of life through your Heart Center.

“The beauty in you is your spirit.

The strength in you is your endurance.

The intelligence in you is your vastness.”

—Yogi Bhajan

“The crossed thumbs help neutralize your mind’s frantic calculations to avoid fear and pain. It is the calculations themselves that produce anxiety and get you out of touch with the resources of your intuition and heart.”

—Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Director of Training, Kundalini Research Institute

Start with 11 minutes and gradually work up to 31 minutes of practice.


  1. Sit comfortably in Easy Pose.
  2. Begin by resting the back of the left hand in the palm of the right hand.
  3. Grab the left hand with the right, so that the right thumb nestles in the left palm.
  4. Cross the left thumb over the right. The fingers of the right hand curve around the outside of the left hand and hold it gently.
  5. Place this mudra at the Heart Center, resting against the chest.
  6. Holding your hands in this way will give you a peaceful, secure feeling.
  7. Meditate to your favorite version of the shabd: “Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur”.

To End: Inhale deeply and relax.

Source: Library of Teaching link