The life freedom comes from the upgrading of consciousness dimension


When looking at the world from different dimensions, you got different levels of awareness and freedom, that is, life freedom comes from the upgrading of consciousness dimension.


One dimension is a line, no matter how I dress it is not beautiful. Two-dimension is a face I can draw a beautiful picture. To two-dimension we have infinitely many times more aesthetic than to one-dimension. And then it is not as beautiful as painting it into a three-dimensional. To three-dimension we have infinitely many times more aesthetic than to two-dimension.

So come to a very simple conclusion, Each more one-dimensional will be infinitely many times more aesthetic.


The fundamental meaning of life is to enhance the sense of freedom of consciousness, that is, to upgrade the dimension.


What is eternal life? In the fourth dimension there is neither begin nor end, there is no life no dead, this is eternal life. Therefore,vertically upgrading dimensions is the only direction of life.


I asked a lot of successful people, “What are the most important several decisions in your life based on?

The answer I received was surprisingly unanimous: Intuition.

What is intuition? Intuition is information coming from the high-dimension, all of our human inventions comes from the inspiration, and inspiration is information coming from the high-dimension.


Everyone’s consciousness is full of three-dimensional images, and when you take the last one three-dimensional image out of your mind, you have four-dimensional wisdom.

Oriental wisdom is from the highest N-dimensional wisdom, N tends to infinity,  to see the universe.
It speaks of the unity of man and nature, it speaks of the Supreme Being and so on, it speaks only God (Ming). Only N dimension, N tends to infinity, only to meet the Supreme, only to meet the Promise, only to meet None.


The only function of our breaking through three-dimensional cognition is to tell us the infinity of the universe. So when you break through the three-dimension to four-dimension, after that the middle dimensions are all meaningless. When we adhere to any middle dimension, it will hinder you into a higher dimension.

So we needn’t tangle five-dimension, six-dimension … … is like what. As long as you have to get to a middle-level dimension, you are limited by this dimension, which is called obsession.


When you focus on a point, you can enter this infinite space state, so do not attach to any one of the middle dimensions.


All living beings possess Buddha’s wisdom and merits. Nothing lies outside of the large, and nothing lies inside of the small. It contains all the universe information.


If a person uses all the moment of life to switch idea, to upgrade, he lives in a completely happy life state. Therefore, Buddhism in the practice is neither the future nor past life, but all the present moment.

All the theories let us enjoy the present, connect the present with high-dimensional wisdom. Only the present is connected with high-dimension. And the moment joy of connecting the high dimension has no substitute of any joy from the material world.

In many religions, there are many practice methods. And most of the practice we do only uses these words: Removing distractions. Such as India’s yoga, Buddhist Zen meditation … … through practice, layer by layer removing your three-dimensional images, when you remove the last three-dimensional image, then you have four-dimensional wisdom. Then we can get higher wisdom, the “intuition”.

Translated by Grace Guo(Professor Liufeng from Beijing University)