3 Easy Ways to Gain Chinese Likability

3 Easy Ways to Gain Chinese Likability


My husband Joost visited China first time in February 2016. We stayed in my hometown for 2 weeks to celebrate theChinese new yearChinese new year.

My hometown, Huayuan village is nearby ‘Chinawood’, Hengdian World Studios (Chinese: 横店影视城). Joost doesn’t speak Chinese, but he easily gained Chinese likability. How did he make it?

1. Smile When Greeting and Leaving

      Enter and Leave with a smile. Joost said “Ni Hao!” to everybody with a smile, he was immediately welcoming the other into engaging with him.

      For Chinese, it’s very friendly when you speak “Ni Hao!” first, because Chinese are not used to seeing foreigners around. They would quickly like you when you greet in Chinese.

2. Remember Chinese Family Name or Title

      To remember Chinese name is difficult for foreigners. Joost tries to remember people’s family name, “Li” “Zhang” “Chen” “Guo” or their titles, like “shushu” “ayi ”, “gege” “meimei”.

       If you could say “Xiao Wang”, “Lao Li”, “Guo Zong” then double gain good impression.

3. Use Chopsticks for Lunch & Dinner

      Chinese food is delicious. Mostly you will have lunch & dinner with a group of Chinese. Using chopsticks is an easy way to impress Chinese as a foreigner. You would be easily accepted by Chinese through one meal.

     Once they see you could use chopsticks freely, they automatically think you as part of them. It’s very natural for Joost to eat Chinese food with chopsticks since he started using chopsticks from childhood. It takes time to practise chopsticks but it is worthy.

These gestures may seem simple, but when done right and with a kind heart, people will slowly take notice of you. You will become more likeable because you’re kind, genuine, and a good friend.

by Grace Guo  info@gracefullifecoaching.nl    2016 Nov. 24