December – Prepare for the new cycle

sat-nam-rasayanIt’s the last month of 2016!

What could you do in this month for the best preparation for 2017?

What changes do you want to call into your life in 2017?

What would you like to achieve?

Where would you like to go?

How do you want to feel everyday?

Who do you want to surround yourself with?


The main theme of 2016 – a 9 Universal Year year – is to release and let go.

“To release” does not mean to acquiesce and simply stop caring. Rather, the process of releasing includes reflecting upon the past to honor what the previous cycle has brought forth into your life.

If the thought of “Letting go” is challenging for you, ponder this for a moment…

By the time you get to a 9 Universal Year, you’ve picked up a lot of “junk” – physically, emotionally and mentally.

To successfully move into your future, you have to release the junk that no longer serves you. This process creates space for new thoughts, patterns, behaviours, people, places, projects and events that align with you are becoming.


To assist you in getting the most out of 2016 and prepare for A a new cycle, we have created this workshop:

Move through 2016 and Prepare for 2017

on Friday 18:00, 16th December


to HELP you move into the future with CONFIDENCE, EASE and PROSPERITY.

Dedicate time to this process and get ready for the upcoming New Cycle ahead.

The time to act is NOW!


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