Full Moon – Keep in a Flow of Life

The next full moon on Saturday, March 31, is the bladder meridian.  This meridian has more points than any other meridian so can affect many areas. Together the bladder and the kidneys relate to the second chakra, the water element. Key is to keep in a flow of life, meaning no resistance. Remember, over time, water can shape the earth. Fear causes us to tighten. If we tighten, we become cold and frozen.  Follow these suggestions to help get in a flow using the power of this full moonenergy.

Imbalance or blockage symptoms:

  • Fear, timidity, frustration and tearfulness.
  • Aching ankles and knee caps.
  • Low back, neck or head pain.
  • Nose bleed.
  • Leg cramps & sciatica.
  • Bladder infection.

Things to add to your diet

  • Drink lots of good water.
  • Eat black foods.
  • Eat melons.
  • Fresh juice 2 parts spinach, 1 part carrot.
  • Cranberry juice
  • Horseradish
  • Cucumber

Things to avoid 

  • Salt. It dries out the body.
  • Excess emotional frustration.
  • Coffee – even if black

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