June Numerology Forecast

There is a quickening in the air, a sense of elevated urgency guiding us to step up to the next level in our spiritual journey. We want a breakthrough, and we can have it as long as our internal compass is correctly aligned.
The number 6 of June represents the themes of security, protection, family, love, and justice.
Throughout the month we will all be contemplating, “Where is the love?” and “Am I being treated fairly?” This process is important, as June provides us with a “reset time,” a time to re-evaluate ourselves and our relationships.

The Heart number for June is a 7 (Heart is month of 6 + Gift of 10), and number 7 needs time and space to think things through in private. A good touchstone for your contemplative consideration might be, “Where am I truly valued, and where do I need to create boundaries of protection against a hidden agenda?” I was once counseling a man who paused deeply, and then said, “Nam Hari, it’s taken me my entire life to realize that the word “No” is a complete sentence.” I never forgot this.

Looking further into the dynamic duo of restful contemplation and spiritual quickening, it is important to understand how this interplay works to your best advantage. The number 7 of the Heart would like to reach the high ground, a place unaffected by the woes of the world. Number 6 of the Mastery (month) feels the necessity of having to hash out the details, the “nitty-gritty” so to speak, of daily life. This can be a point of distress for those of us on a spiritual path, as we always want to do the “right” thing.
Good news, as there is a simple way to sort this out relatively easily. The meditation for the “Divine Shield of Protection” is how you can strengthen your aura and immune system, thereby giving you the ability to see things clearly. Instead of being codependent on others, call in the Universal Mother through the “Maaa” mantra, and get what you really need. Unconditional love, no strings attached.

Now that we are clear and fortified with a greater sense of personal presence, let’s take a look at the month of June from a higher plateau. The next step is a bit advanced, but I know you’ll catch on! When we combine the month of 6 with the year of 12 (2+0+1+9= 12) we get the number 18. Eighteen is the archetype of the Humanitarian, and there is a super-connectivity at this time for conscious collaborative effort. There is a doorway, an energetic portal, opening now to find those who you can co-create with. It is important to recognize the opportunity here, because if you don’t catch the wave of the 18, it can revert to a negative 9. When the number 9 goes negative, it is not a happy place. A sense of feeling lost, disconnected, and out of step with life can haunt you. Worst case scenario is feeling angry and vengeful, as in, “If I’m not happy, nobody’s going to be happy.” You have probably seen this somewhere in your life or the world at large.
There are any number of ways to get involved with a cause that is meaningful to you.
Volunteer at an Animal Shelter and walk the dogs there. Volunteer at a Yoga Center to serve in some way. Volunteer in any capacity to a “Meals on Wheels” program that serves the homebound and disadvantaged.
There is something very healthy and healing in a “team spirit” environment, and many of our internal dissatisfactions can be remedied when we are shoulder to shoulder with those who have a shared vision.
Yogi Bhajan once said, “Don’t isolate and insulate yourself.” 不要孤立并隔离自己。 He further explained there would be the tendency for people to do this, as a reaction to the intensity of the energetic shifts on the planet.
The number 6 is always in a hurry, wanting to speed along to the finished result of everything being perfect and settled. You do not need to be in a hurry, you only need to have the intuitive response to the best course of action. Then you will be in perfect alignment with the natural quickening dynamic of this month.
This is not “magical thinking,” as in the popular spiritual jargon, it is a real attunement to the subtle energies that are already at play. A Master martial artist has a visual awareness of the slightest shifting crinkle in his opponents uniform, thereby revealing the oppositions next move.
We can, and must, develop these higher sensitivities. It is not “Beware,” it is “Be Aware.” We all have a certain amount of natural intuition, and similar to a professional athlete, we need a practice to keep it sharp and at its best.
Call in the Angels now to support you in your spiritual journey, making a pact with the Heavens that says, “I will do my part, and I trust you are guiding me every step of the way.”
May the light of your Soul attract all the goodness and greatness you deserve, and may you ever so lovingly dwell in the grace of God’s gifts for you. Sat Nam.

by Nam Hari