Chinees nieuwjaar viering in Utrecht

Chinese New Year Celebration in Utrecht

Living in Amsterdam, I don't spend every Chinese new year in Netherlands. This year I didn't travel China or USA, just stay here. One Dutch friend informed me about the event just last Thursday. I checked the online tickets, already sold out 3 days ago. Then I called the organiser to check whether there was any ticket available. She quickly replied me, and luckily I received one.

The Chinese new year celebration in Utrecht is the first one officially organised by Dutch government. There were over a hundred entrepreneurs joined the event and celebrated together.

Except Chinese buffet, this celebration party had arranged very nice Chinese programs. As the picture you see, it's typical Chinese art. If you could read the Chinese characters here, you could imagine the vivid scene. From the words, it mainly describes the beautiful lake and the special things on, in, around the water: white sail, Water caltrop and reed.

There were two songs separately presented Chinese and Dutch music: "Jasmine" and "Tulips". All Chinese know this jasmine song as every Dutch is familiar with "Tulips".

The "Jasmine" song lyric is the following:


Enjoy the music, click here