February Guide – Creative Potential & Social Connection

We need guidance in critical period of our life. Nam Hari guided me with her crystal clear intuition to go though the life transformation in 2014…

Here’s some tips from Nam Hari about February 2017:

1. Bringing balance and establishing boundaries is the main theme for February. “Acknowledged”.

2. Trusting that relationship with a higher power who is on our side and has our best interests in mind―a benevolence and prevailing Grace that will send us the right thing at the right time. “Accepted”.

3. Relationships! Safe alliances to project and protect the path for our journey this year. “Re-Evaluated”.

4. Whoa! Be cautious about who you align yourself with as that will determine how far and high you will go as the months unfold.

Think twice, take time and choose wisely before jumping in feet-first, examine your course with a realistic analysis. “Did it, Done it, Happy About It”

There are two things you may focus on:

Nurturing ourselves, embodies our nervous system and skeletal structure. Cut back on the caffeine and sugar; make sugar more of a special treat than daily fare.

The foods to be focusing on for your weekly diet are:

Ginger Root
Onions sauteed with Turmeric
Organic Yogurt
Scallions in a Salad
Raw Almonds
Beets steamed with Garlic
Raw Sesame Oil on steamed Spinach with Miso
Pineapple Juice

February has 6 “lucky days” – the dates of the 7th, 9th, 16th, 18th, 25th, and 27th. There is an extra charm of good fortune for things to go your way, especially if you’ve been chanting the “Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru” mantra 11 minutes a day.

Take advantage of these positive numerical alignments by super-charging your electro-magnetic field with this vibration. Many people are familiar with the “Law of Attraction” teachings, and this mantra puts you in the field of your greatest good fortune. [See also Chii-a Kriya which uses this mantra.]