Meditation For Blessing In October

Part I of the Meditation for blessing.

The spine must not move. As you look at the tip of your nose, your forehead will begin to feel like lead. This is a pressure is helping to develop the frontal lobe, which controls the personality. Just go through it and conquer the pain. The hands must be in balance with the spine because with these hands you will heal. You need that touch, so let the energy flow. 

The words you are singing “Wahe guru wake guru… ” mean “God, take me from darkness to light.” It’s an affirmation, a prayer. If the exercise becomes very painful, try singing along with the tape, copying the words. It may help (It definitely helps you to keep the posture). Keep the arms in balance, the spine straight, and stretch the arms out tightly-it will make it easier. Keep the posture perfect in the final 2 minutes-it is a very critical time. 

Many people are afraid of suffering or even not aware of suffering state. They do not want to have pain. In Kundalini yoga we practice to go beyond pain. If you practise this meditation, you deeply understand what pain means. Then we could use this capacity to go beyond pain in our daily life. We use it in our time of death too. Pain is like a purifier. It forces us to put our mind in such a way that we can go to a very neutral place where there is no pain. Allow the resistance, don’t fight it. It gives us the opportunity to let go of being a victim.