How To Deal With Your Stressful Life?

As we all live in the fast changing world, our daily life becomes more challenge than ever before. Many people are struggling the balance between family and profession, energy and activities, health and wealth, business and personal development etc. I observe many friends constantly live in the stressful life. They ask me how to deal with such stressful life and live peacefully.

Zen stones on the beach

From my own practice and experience, I would recommend these 6 ways to deal with your daily stress.

  1. Serene Mind Meditation. It takes 3 minutes to practise this simple meditation.
  2. Emotional Free Tapping. It is easy to handle any emotion by tapping yourself on the special points.
  3. Meditation To Alleviate Your Stress (8 strokes breathing). Through the special breathing method, you can improve energy and alleviate your stress.
  4. Meditation to Feel Calm and Cozy. Meditating with a special mudra will create within us a sensitivity, and a prosperous mental horizon, also a calm and cozy feeling, which allows you to act intelligently.
  5. Meditation to Calm Your Heart. It helps you settle in your heart, adds clear perception to your relationship with yourself and others.
  6. Learn To Be In Present Moment. When you start to live in the present, or a beautiful state, you will enjoy the life more.

If you are interested to know more or want to learn these methods and meditations, please contact me a message.