November – Let Go

Special Full Moon – 14 November – yogi tips for success



Just as the trees are letting go of their leaves, it is a great time for us to LET GO of what is old and not needed any longer.

14 November – This full moon is a special super moon, since it will be very close to the earth making it appear bigger, brighter and red in color. This is an opportunity for deep healing and change. For best viewing in Europe, try the night of 13 November. It will be another 18 years before such a moon visits us again.

Here is the suggestions on foods, yoga, and other helpful tips.

• Hold and massage the index fingers of each hand for 2 minutes throughout the day.

• Remember you are connected to a higher consciousness.

• Use the mantra, “Let Go, Let God.”

You may download  moon-taurus and share it with friends:

Oneness of Heart Meditation – 18 November – Amsterdam



Friday 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Kriya: See Your True Beauty

Meditation: Oneness Of Heart

Mantra:  Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

To go through this special period smoothly, we focus on seeing self-beauty (self-love) and healing with mantra.

” Even though…I deeply and completely accept myself”

After the yoga lesson, you also could join a cup of Yogi tea!
Please send a personal message or email if you want to attend the class.