Removing Your Subconscious Blocks

It’s a Meditation to Removing Your Subconscious Blocks, taught by Yogi Bhajan. If your totally subconscious is totally cleared and clean, you’ll be totally doing different things and will be lot more happier and effective than what you are today.

Mantra: Sa-Ta-Na-Ma, Ra-Ma-Da-Sa, Sa-Se-So-Hung

Take your right hand and put it on the forehead, take your left hand and put on the navel, please touch it properly, hold it properly, close your eyes slowly and relax.

Relax deeply, relax inwardly, relax mentally and reduce yourself to the first day of your being child. Please return consciously into the womb.

Relax, relax, reduce, relax, reduce, relax, reduce, relax, reduce, keep on reducing till you reach. Now please relax, think pain and attack it and eat it like a lioness gets to the deer, that’s the food.

Think pain and attack it, eat it. Think pain, find it, attack it and eat it. Think pain, Karma will be paid right here if you do it correct. Think pain, find it, attack it, eat it. Find out the pain in your being. Touch your forehead at a proper place and the navel point but connect the both Chakras. Do it right. Now, find pain in your life, wherever you can find it, like a lion attack it and kill it. Chew it and laugh and go for the second and the third and the fourth. And when you finish this incarnation go to the previous ones. We’ll give you the energy of the Creator, the sound of the Creator. (A gong music tape being played)

YB (Talks over the gong): Attack your own fear, your own pain. Attack and kill and win.