Soul Sync Fest

Manifest your intentions in 2020

The Soul Sync Fest is from January 18th to January 31st. This is a period of collective upsurge of energy for manifesting intentions.

Let us do our part by teaching and doing soul sync with as many people to manifest our New Year intentions.

Note: The Soul Sync Fest Series will have 5 special Soul Sync Practices guided by Preethaji. These are the meditations.

1. Soul Sync for De-addiction
2. Soul Sync for Life Partner
3. Soul Sync for Prosperity
4. Soul Sync for Great Health and Healing
5. Soul Sync for Attention & Intelligence

These meditations will be available for both subscribers, their family and friends. You can share the link to Soul Sync Fest Series as a gift to your family and friends.

Join the group meditation!

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