Messages from Time Traveller KFK 2060

One future human KFK 2060 (Chinese) brought the messages in 2019 June.

What will happen on the earth after 2020? What will the human future look like? 


[I chose some messages from the Chinese douban group and translated]


Q: Could you afford to buy a house?

A: Houses are not expensive in 2060.

Q: What will be expensive?

A: in daily life fruits and milk will be expensive. Only the rich can afford to eat.

Q: Do you have any cash?

A: No. In 2060, paper is luxury product. All wealth will be digitalised.  

Q: I want to know whether money is still significant in the future?

A: Within one hour, global financial systems will collapse. After that, people will no longer worship money. And turn to the pursuit of inner civilization.

Q: Mobile phone will be historical? What will replace the functions of mobile phone?

A: In the beginning it is IoT (物联), later it’s chip implantation.

Q: Is psychology as a subject popular in 2060?

A: There is no psychology in 2060, because it doesn’t solve mental issues.

Q: Where will psychology turn to? Study brain science or consciousness?

A: It’s spiritual deeper than psychology.

Q: Have human being overcome cancer? 

A: Cancer has been overcome, but super bacteria cannot be overcome, which in the 2050’s causes severe disaster to human.

Q: Could you talk about something about quantum mechanics overturn physics?

A: The observer is the creator.

Q: The magic, super-natural have been verified or disclosed by science?

A: After 2050 these are not mysteries anymore.

Q: You mentioned a couple of times about the war, disease, in which field will the biggest technological advancement occur after that?

A:  after the war, there will be no technological progress, but there will be spiritual evolution. Otherwise I will not appear here.

Q: How will the war bring spirit revolution?

A: Extreme environment makes people humble.

Q: Give me some tips

A: If you have learned to bring attention from material to spiritual belief in 2019, you would not suffer so much during the period 2048 – 2060.

Q: My sister was born year (2019). Would you give some growth beneficial advice to her generation?

A: Be kind-hearted. In the future, the inner quality will determine one person’s destiny.

Q: As a normal person how to stand in the future?

A: Follow your heart.


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