Season of Gratitude and Meditation

“Gratitude is the highest expression of emotion in humans as it signifies the evolution of one’s consciousness” – Sri Bhagavan


Gratitude is certainly not an attitude alone . If it were a mere attitude, it becomes a cosmetic that does not get beyond our lips and words. There is no profundity or truth to it. This season, it is Preethaji’s intention that gratitude becomes a living experience in our Consciousness. For without Gratitude we feel lonely amidst our loved ones and feel poor in the midst of plenty.

Grateful people naturally tend to feel they are rich and grow more prosperous. They naturally are more radiant and beautiful. They exude greater faith in life. They attract love into their lives and become capable of deep love. True experiences of gratitude transform our brains, our bodies and our very consciousness. It is the easiest way to arrive at love.

The season of gratitude begins on Nov 14, and unfolds until Nov 23rd. As a tradition created by Sri Amma and Bhagavan , we have been celebrating Nov 14th as Gratitude Day . Let us take the celebration to a level of glory like never before. Let us create a tidal wave of gratitude in our families, organisations, and our neighborhoods.

How do we awaken to this state of Gratitude? According to Preethaji, Gratitude can only happen when we realize that we are interconnected with all life.


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