Swadisthana (The Second Chakra)

The second centre is about flow, change, sexuality, creativity, joy, desire, duality, polarities, passion, movement, pleasure, emotions, and sharing. Its element is water.

When balanced in this centre of consciousness, we are creative, empathic, generous, expansive, flexible, and in the flow.  We feel passion for life, our relationships are genuine and empowering, we are open to merging and connecting with another, and we have self-respect and healthy boundaries.  Life is colourful, vibrant, and deeply meaningful.

Imbalances in this centre show up as passionate manipulation, guilt, jealousy, possessiveness, and lack of self-respect.  Life may be listless and empty, and the world may be tedious and boring.  We may carry shame of our body and sexuality, and engage in unfulfilling relationships.  We may experience menstrual difficulties, infertility, frigidity, kidney and bladder problems, prostate or ovarian cancer, hormone imbalances, and pelvic or lower back pain.

To touch into the energy of this centre, discover what you genuinely love to do, drink lots of water, be in bodies of water, engage in movement, release stuck emotions, set boundaries, bring more pleasure into you life, and work with the senses – especially taste.  Use your sexual energy for sacredness, not as an outlet to release excess energy.  Let guilt warn you if you are violating your core values.

“Whenever you do something, do it as a piece of art…Let everything express the Creativity of you.”  ~ Yogi Bhajan

The 2nd chakra governs all areas of our creativity – the decision about what to do with our finite time on earth is the biggest exercise in creativity that can be made.  All liveliness and movement of life comes from the energy of this chakra.  ~ Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

“To live a creative life we must lose the fear of being wrong.” ~Josepth Chilton Pearce  

Four Kriyas for the 2nd Chakra (click on coloured titles to bring you to the instructions):
Sat Kriya
Kriya for Pelvic Balance
Sex Energy Transformation
Toning the Kidneys
Cat/Cows, Sufi Grinds, and Frog Pose are also excellent for the 2nd Chakra

Mantra for the Water Element:
Sat Narayan, Wahe Guru, Hari Narayan, Sat Nam
(True Sustainer, Indescribable Wisdom, Creative Sustenance, True Identity)

Have the fingers in Gyan Mudra (thumb tip to first finger tip), palms facing forward by the shoulders, elbows relaxed down by the lower ribs, and chant for 11 minutes.  Ajeet Kaur has a beautiful 11 minute rendition of this mantra on her “Sacred Waters” album.

Narayan is the aspect of infinity that relates to the water element.  This mantra helps you go with the flow and takes you through the manifest world to experience infinity.  It’s a mantra chanted for peace, purification, and clarity. Let the sacred waters wash over you with this sacred sound current.