10 Delightfully Simple Practices While Entering 2020 New Year

Begin your new year with 10 practices given by Preethaji to nurture your body, mind & consciousness.

Begin your new year with 3 simple practices around the Body

Regulating your breath is the shortest route to longevity and vitality. The more you slow down your inhalation and exhalation, the more you activate your body’s relaxation response.

Second practice, our health and smile are correlated. The more you smile, the more joyful you will be and the more joyful you are. The more vitality your body’s cells generate.

The third practice, is to walk. In the process of evolution as human beings we have walked over large swaths of land for thousands of years. This new year make a resolve to walk at least for an hour a day.

Begin your new year with 2 practices around your Work

Be present and experience life; Do NOT Rush. Rushing through life create a distorted sense of time. You never feel a sense of achievement. To conquer the feeling of feeling overwhelmed, be more creative, be more present, and undistracted while at work.

Live with a purpose that involves impacting others. When you live with a deepest sense of connection you experience a larger sense of self and this will earn you tons of good karma and lead you to great achievement.

Begin your new year with 2 practices for the health of your Mind

If you are in a troubled situation remember that this circumstance too will pass like numerous others, this will help you become free of desperation. It will free up the movement of life’s energies at a spiritual level when you are n a troubled situation.

Make it a point to simply Recognise the emotion. This will help the over-active amygdala in your brain become less active and pre frontal cortex become more active neurobiologically, which means the anxiety and anger centre of your brain is calmer and your brain center for awareness is more active now.

Begin your new year with 2 practices around your Relationships

Physical touch is an essential part of life between parents and children, between couples and between care givers and care receivers. All life exists in a fabric of connection, animals and plants touch each other. When you touch each other joyfully, the toucher and the touched both feel nourished, happiness passes from one to the other.

Feel more grateful by becoming conscious of all you have received this past year and the wonderful people you have around you. Gratitude is the antidote for fear and gratitude invites abundance.

Begin your new year with a practice for your Consciousness

Realise that you are part of a larger consciousness call it universe or god and that this universal intelligence responds when you connect to it from a beautiful inner state rather than a disturbed mental state.

Wish you a joyful new year. Let this year be filled with love, happiness, joy and abundance.