December Numerology Forecast By Nam Hari

Here we are, exhaling the last whisper of a grand decade as we set our Hearts and Souls for the journey ahead. The calendar year of 2020 holds a frequency of brilliant new opportunities, along with the awareness that a more evolved game plan is required for the inclusivity of everyone on the planet.
Presently in December 2019 we have a wildly mixed bag of “sneak preview” insights and breakthroughs, along with a bit of clean-up work to insure a safe and grounded transition to the new field of dreams.

The double 3’s of December (month of 12 and year of 12), create an intensity of energy that will stir up people’s emotions and keep things quite lively! Number 3 represents the themes of creativity, social connections, food, a positive outlook, and a bit of mischief. Keep yourself busy and connected to others, otherwise there will be the tendency to slip into the “holiday blues.” This blue feeling can lead to self-destructive behavior in the forms of alcohol, food, or substance abuse. Staying connected with friends, family and community over the holidays will allow you to decompress from this year in a healthy way.
I am presently traveling as I write this forecast, and I am not too proud to say that I am attending an “Orphans Thanksgiving” gathering this week at a friend’s house. Many people are just like you in wishing for a greater sense of inclusiveness, and sometimes it’s just a matter of taking that brave step of hosting a gathering. You might be surprised at how many folks will jump at your invitation to be a part of a cozy gathering.

Every calendar year has a spiritual gift, and a spiritual challenge. It is important to resolve the challenge so you can take the gift into the New Year. The inherent challenge of 2019 has been experienced as a conflict in our heart between what we think we “should do,”
and what we know in spirit is the path to an uplifting life experience.
This has affected us in the areas of work, family, relationships, and our inner reality. What is required at this time is a near epic level of trust in ourselves and the Universal guidance system to lead us in the right direction.
I am reminded of a scene from one of the “Indiana Jones” adventure movies, where the lead character needs to crossover a wide river gorge. Approaching the precipice, he finds the beginning of a rickety old wooden plank bridge that extends only a short distance over the gorge. As he steps onto the last visible wooden plank, he finds that the next plank appears only as he takes the next step.
This is the Spiritual Gift my friends, the ability to combine your conscious awareness with the flow of the Universal Intelligence, and trust the result. With all of the energy shifts on the planet in the days ahead, you need an advanced guidance system to help you.

Teaming up with the Ganpati Kriya is a beautiful way to clear past karma, and have a fresh start in life. And we all want a fresh start! Link:

Yogi Bhajan has said of this practice:
“It is called an impossible-possible Kriya. All the accounting of past negativity, now and tomorrow, will be redeemed. Now sing it with a natural, heart-center voice.”
You can release the patterns of the guilt, weakness, and vulnerability to others’ manipulative projections. This occurs in all types of relationships, and now is the time to break free of that back-breaking ball and chain.
Tuning into our Heart Center is important, as 2020 is overall a number 4 year. “What does my heart have to say?” or, “What is my heart trying to tell me?” are important questions to be asking yourself. New connectivity abounds in 2020, as the overall 4 year is composed of double 2’s. Number 2 is the “Longing to Belong,” the desire for cozy, trustful relationships. You just want to have that old karma cleared before jumping “All in!” to the New Year jet stream! You can do this, and the time is now. No matter how entrenched, handicapped, or thwarted you may have been in the past, a new day is dawning on planet Earth. Yes, there will still be crazy people doing crazy things, but that is not your focus.

Your focus is bringing forth the redeemed and elevated best version of yourself. The self that now knows friend from foe, the self that steers clear of the emotional baiting of others, the self that knows he/she is worthy of all the goodness that life has to offer. This is the 2020 version of you, and through your 3rd eye (6th chakra) you now have 2020 vision! Life is meant to be good, creative, and expansive. Affirm to yourself everyday,

“I am a child of the most high, kind, and grace-bestowing Creator of the Universe. My time has arrived for blessing, fortune, and abundance, with good will to All.”