Burn Your Karma – 40 Days Practice


There is a attractiveness in life. And that attractiveness should only be focused and beamed on Infinity and you will be near to that excellence and Lordship, which you deserve. You have to reach out. It’s a chance, wherever you are don’t measure it how spiritual you are, who certified you are not, nothing that. Just apply your spirituality. Just that. And it exactly takes 40 days that your destiny, your nature, your circumstances, your environments will change. It is not something very harsh, something very hard, every human can do. But now for 11 minutes that’s all the time we have now, we left and we just blessed the heavens. Just like that, chest open, eyes closed, neck little back and we bless the heavens and we have breath of fire (one breath technique, check out here) continuous. 

Burn your Karma folks, burn your Karma, burn your Karma. Burn it. Bless the heavens, heavens will bless you. Angle should be sixty degree and no bent in elbow. Kriya is very honest. Come on keep up you are just not trying to do powerful breath of fire and then you expect Results. I mean this is something, which… you have thirty seconds left, hard, hard, try your best.

Now please lock your hands up and keep breathing the way you are breathing, lock your hands like this and pull apart as much you can and keep on breathing. Pull apart… Now put your both hands on the navel point and keep on breathing. Help, move the belly. Move, move hard. With both hands push, with the breath push. Inhale deep and with the hand push in deep and squeeze your body and breathe out. Breathe in again, repeat the same with all the power at your command and breathe out. Breathe in again this time if you have never done it, still do it. Hold tight, pull your whole thing upwards, push it in and cannon fire breathe out. Relax. 

May we live in blessings. May our first act of Divinity is to bless ourself, may our grace guide us to bless all we meet, if we ever be without judgment and with unlimited love on our part, join the blessings with each other to reach a state of bliss. The most precious life, which God has given us as humans may have a light, prayer and self-blessing, through which we can always rise and widen our horizon to see the beauty and the bounty of the Lord. May tonight you all be blessed, may this blessing grow many folds and may your heart opens and your affection may reach out every heart. Sat Nam.